Diet and lifestyle for Wheat Allergy

The key to an allergy free diet is to avoid giving your child the foods or products containing the food to which he/she is allergic. wheat allergy is an abnormal response of our body to the protein (gluten) found in wheat. So, we should avoid all food items that contain wheat and its products. Thus, it is really very important to read the food labels first before consuming any food stuff.

  • Preferably, consume light foods in diet preferably which are easy to digest.
  • Prepare the food with non-wheat flours such as amaranth flour (rajgira atta), rice flour, soy flour or millet flour (bajra)
  • Use pasta made from rice, kasha (Buckwheat), millet (bajra) or potato.
  • Snacks can be taken as plain baked corn chips, rice cakes and oats pretzels.
  • Go for breakfast cereal such as oatmeal, puffed rice, corn flakes, puffed millet or rice bran without using any wheat product.
  • Enjoy plain, fresh or frozen vegetables, fruits, meat and meat alternatives.
  • Avoid processed or packaged food as long as possible. The more a food is processed, higher the chance that wheat may be used.
  • Milk, buttermilk, yogurt, cheese and dairy products can be taken
  • If non vegetarian, Eggs prepared any way without wheat products can be consumed.
  • Pomegranate juice is best to replenish the nutrients in blood.
  • You can go for fasting occasionally.
  • Unripe banana can be used as a vegetable.
  • One can consume papaya also.

Apart from this, we can add certain herbs in daily diet to boost our digestive power and enhance the power of weak intestine.

  • Sprinkle trikatu (the powder of sonth (dry ginger), marich (black pepper), pippali (piper longum)), sendha namak (rock salt), saunchar lavana (black salt) in prepared dishes of vegetables, pulses, yogurt, raita and other food items.
  • Fresh green herb coriander (dhaniya) can be used in the form of chutney. It adds taste to tongue.
  • Sonth (dry ginger), Pippali (piper longum), bijora nimbu (lemon), palash beej (Butea monosperma) are good herbs for improving digestive power.
  • Make the decoction of Chavya (Piper retrofractum), chitrakmool (Plumbago zeylanica), trikatu and dhaniya till it remains 1/4. Filter this decoction and take this water whenever you feel thirsty.
  • Moreover, you can also use it for preparing food.
  • Sprinkle trikatu in takra (buttermilk, made by mixing yogurt and water).
  • Herbs like Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), guduchi (tinospora cordifolia)), jamun (Syzygium cumini), lavana (Syzygium aromaticum) are beneficial.