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Diet and lifestyle for Stress

Since stress diminishes the immunity (ojas) of the body, healthy diet and lifestyle are required to counter act the depletion of nutrients. Few tips are given below –

  • Reduce rajasic and tamasic food from the diet and increase the intake of sattvic food items.
  • Minimize the intake of high protein animal foods as this increases the level of dopamine which is associated with higher levels of stress.
  • Avoid excess intake of tea or coffee.
  • Avoid frozen, preserved or leftover foods as it is tamasic in nature.
  • Whole grain cereals like wheat should be consumed as it promotes the production of brain neurotransmitter serotonin.
  • Prefer vegetables like carrots, cucumber as they produce coolihg effect.
  • Consume amla (Indian gooseberry) or giloy as they are very good immunity enhancing herbs.
  • Consume cow-milk and cow-ghee as it is very good.
  • Consume fruits like coconut, coconut water, pine apple, banana, oranges, pomegranate and anjeer.
  • Various medhya (boosting memory) herbs like jyotishmati, shankhpuspi, vacha and mandook parni mentioned in ancient texts should be consumed.
  • Aswagandha is very good herb for stress. Its powder can be used daily with milk to boost the body to fight stress.
  • Go for full body massage as it really relieves the physical stress.
  • Morning walk should be done daily.
  • Apply sheetal lepa (cold coating) of sandalwood powder over the head just to cool the temperament.
  • Follow the achaar rasayana (proper code of conduct) as it will prevent the unnecessary worries.
  • One can opt for shirodhara as it will definitely calm down the mind.
  • Follow yogic asanas (shavasana), pranayama or meditation as it relaxes the mind.