About BHC

Bhartiya HEALTH CARE (BHC) is an organization engaged in popularizing Ayurvedic system with the blend of advance research which is ultimate in Natural healing and in creating awareness for natural and healthy living. BHC is an entrepreneurship with an association of qualified Ayurvedists, scientists, herbalists, pharmacologists and pharmacists.

The main aims of this organization are – promotion of sustained health by Ayurvedic system; – creating awareness among people for natural and healthy living; – development of faith among people for Ayurveda.


Founder of Bhartiya Health Care

Bhupinder Gupta
Bhupinder Gupta

Founder of Bhartyia health care (BHC), Dr. Bhupender K Gupta started his career as a lecturer of Ayurvedic Medicines in 1977.He along with Guru Vaidya Harinder Datt Shastri an eminent personality in the field of ayurveda had undergone deep study in ayurvedic principles.

His aim is to treat the diseased by concentrating on the body system as whole and adopting ayurvedic principles. Great knowledge along with the immense experience boosts his confidence to treat diseases of any type and of any origin by vat, pit, kapha and ojas only.

In order to maintain the quality of ayurvedic products/medicines he started his own manufacturing unit in H.P by

the name of BHC Ayurvedic Research Lab. PVT. LTD.

He is also performing Kshar sutra surgery of piles and fistula in ano.

He is the founder and patron of many Ayurvedic and social organizations.

He believes that religion and dharma is nothing but truth, purity, unselfishness and love for all.

He thinks that instead of wasting your energies in merely criticizing other system of medicines concentrate on the depth of cause of the diseases and you will get the solution yourself.

BHC Hospital is an ayurvedic centre based purel6y on ayurvedicv concepts for maintainence of health and tretment of diseases.It is engaged in creating awareness among people for natural healthy living.


BHC is a great organisation providing its services to mankind in various fields associated with medicine.It comprises various units that are summarized below –

  • BHC has an association of qualified ayurvedic doctors ,Herbalists ,Scientists ,Pharmacologist and Pharmacists
  • BHC Hospital provides all kind of ayurvedic treatments for various ailments.These procedures are performed under the supervision of ayurvedic doctors.It is a multy-speciality advanced centre for ayurvedic treatments like
  • Panchkarma
  • Kshar sutra
  • Jaloka
  • Agni karma (Cauterization)
  • Theurapeutic yoga (Asana ,Pranayama and Meditation)
  • Homa therapy
  • Research and Development ,which keep on researching to develop new formulations of various diseases.
  • Manufacturing unit ,where ayurvedic medicines are manufactured so as to provide unmatched quality products for the use of humanity.
  • Herbal production centre (Herbal Garden)where organic herbs are produced under strict quality control system.
  • Laboratory investigations are also done here.



Our logo is the chakra that symbolizes ENERGY derived from nature.



BHC has its hospital (Advance Multispeciality Ayurvedic Centre )where Ayurvedic Treatment , through Ayurvedic Procedures is given.BHC has its own R&D Centre where latest procedures for manufacturing and treatment are developed.BHC has an association of qualified Ayurvedists, Herbalists, Scientists,Pharmacologist and Pharmacists.BHC has its own manufacturing industries so as to provide unmatched quality products for the use of humanity.BHC has its own Herbal production centre (Herbal Garden) where organic herbs are produced under strict quality control system.BHC , apart from Herbal Treatment , is engaged in para ayurvedic systems like Panchkarma (the five – way therapy) , Agnikaram, jaloka, Kshar-sutra and Surgery with its own research-oriented techniques.BHC has got its own diagnostic centre for X-ray & Laboratory investigations.Our logo is the Chakra that Chakra that Symbolizes ENERGY derived from nature.


 Our Aim

  • To promote health by natural / ayurvedic systems of medicine.
  • To create awareness for a natural way of living.
  • To introduce the vedic life style.
  • To develop faith among people in Ayurved , the ulimate healing system.
  • To rejuvenate the body system with natural phytonutrients, processed elements without synthetic chemicals, and by simple ayurvedic procedures.

Our Motto

Bhartiya Health Care is engaged in discovering techniques of inducing tremendous energy (fighting force) for combating various diseases and maintaining health through natural means ( herbs, ayurvedic principles, pranayam, yog)